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Coaching Questions

What are the best things someone has done to make you happy?
Would you date yourself?
What is the most romantic thing someone said or did to you?
I love as you are and because you have great things inside
What experience completely changed you as a person?
travel to canada and to oaxaca for living
Is anything what stops you from having the life you want?
Is any example of situation where you (as a smart person) should play dumb?
What would you like to learn?
If you met to the hilt same person as you. What would you be interested in?
Is there any kind of society that you don't like?
How do you decide if you can't decide logically?
It's an interesting idea for you to learn language like Chinese (or maybe other not common languages) ?
No, not really. Only the basics of the language of the country where I travel, so that I can say hallo, thank you etc. in the language of the country. I have learnt english because it is really necessary, german because it is the language of the countries which are our neighbours, spanish because I like the sound of it and russian because I have found it easy, similar to Czech.